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About me …

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As you may have guessed, if you are just a bit clever and pay attention to what you read, my name is Eduardo Marin. For those wanting to know a bit more about me, I am a Spanish emigrant in Bonnie Scotland with very little free time and a bucket list enough to last several lifetimes. This is not the first time I have embarked in the unrewarding task of writing a blog. I can (fondly) remember three or four past occasions, and one in particular which I would still be working on, if not for some gremlins who somehow stopped the attempt all of a sudden.

Why have I decided to start again?

My previous blogs have been mostly about photography, or pure nonsense. This one, instead, is an attempt of explaining the History of Spain in an attempt to clear some of the misunderstandings I have heard about past events and that nobody seems to be willing to explain (at least not for the general public). I am aware that my time is limited, and that there is a lot of information “out there” as well as plenty of misinformation so, please, do not expect new posts very often; I do like to do my research, since the only way of debunking a lie is to offer proof of what the truth is.

However, I am not planning to turn this blog into a collection of dates and events, but more of a starting point (and a guide) into the wonderful History of one of the oldest countries in the world. That said, I will try to provide you with data and objective information, so it is you, estimated reader, and not me, who, in the end, gets a vision and forms an opinion of the events.

(to be continued …)